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Virtual Lasertag Innsbruck

If you are enthusiastic about lasertag or paintball and are looking for a new gaming experience in Innsbruck, you should try virtual lasertag! You will have a very special lasertag experience and play against your friends in an arena in virtual reality! 


  • Duration of experience: approx. 1 hour

  • Price: 31€-39€ per person

  • Number of Players: 2-8 people

  • Minimum age: 10 years

  • Opening hours:
    Mon - Fri: 14:00-22:00
    Sat - So:12:00 - 22:00

  • Contact:
    Virtual Lasertag Innsbruck
    Fritz-Konzert-Straße 6 (near Cineplexx)
    6020 Innsbruck
    (Google Maps)

Phone: +43 676 6036018


  • New: Lasertag in VR

  • Pictures: Our virtual arena

  • Futuristic lasertag battle

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Lasertag in VR

Play now - Lasertag in VR 🔫

Whether lasertag, shooter or paintball - these games are fun and offer an action-packed experience with friends and family. So, what's new?


In Innsbruck you can now immerse yourself in another reality, a virtual arena with different scenarios - this is possible with the help of our modern VR glasses and controllers.


At our location in Innsbruck you will experience a very special lasertag gaming experience that you will not forget! 🤩


How does laser tag work in VR?🤔


Choose a date for your laser tag adventure in Innsbruck and book your desired date including the number of players directly online.

In our VR Lasertag Room in Innsbruck you will receive an instruction concerning the handling of the VR equipment from our trained gamemasters in order to dive into the virtual Lasertag world. 

vr (1).png
gewehr (1).png

Enter the virtual arena for the Lasertag experience! First, choose
your personal avatars and explore the VR world. Then you can start your exciting Lasertag battle and while the time is running! 

After your joint laser tag adventure, you can preserve your adventure in Innsbruck for eternity with a group photo!


Immerse yourself in a virtual arena