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VR Escape Room Vouchers

The perfect present!

Did you know that gifts for a shared experience are known to be received the best? Especially since they bring great moments and challenge you as a team.


With our Escape Room vouchers, you're not only giving away a spectacular VR exit-the-room experience, but also share memories that will last forever!

What are Virtual Escape Rooms?

  • Duration of experience: approx. 1 hour

  • Prices:  31€-39€ per person

  • Number of players: 2-8 people

  • Minimum age: 10 years (except for Horror Escapes)

How to give away our coupons?

Gutschein freigestellt Virtual Escape Room Gutscheine

1. Select voucher

You have the choice of vouchers between 25 and 50 euros - or for 1 to 8 players.
Buy the voucher conveniently online! After having booked, you will receive an email with your valid voucher!

Or: use voucher template

We have created a voucher template for anyone who would like to give away a voucher in our design but cannot come to one of our locations. (Not mandatory!)


3. Give away a voucher

What could be nicer than an experience that you share with your loved ones?

Order a VR Escape Room voucher now and give away a fun memory!

4. Redeem voucher

The recipient can choose one of over 25 exciting VR escape room adventures and book an appointment directly online with their new voucher!

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Why Virtual Escape?

We'll show you why our Virtual Escape vouchers should be your gift of choice for a shared VR experience!

We love presents!

Gifts are firmly anchored in our culture and in our social life. We show others our appreciation and willingness to make them happy. And let's be honest: who doesn't love a gift? Even the gift itself evoques feelings of happiness within us. 


So, no wonder that gifts are used for more occasions: Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, Easter, an anniversary or sometimes just to make someone happy - special gifts are always well received. 

But the fact that we like to give away a lot doesn't always make it easy for us. One is always faced with the question: What am I giving? What does the other person like? What actually makes a good gift?

Although there are always individual preferences in people - there are also some regularities that we like. Our Virtual Escape vouchers score high across the board. Why? We'll show you:

You have different vouchers to choose from

Coupons for shared experiences can be a great gift - sometimes, however, there is the problem that the amount isn't enough for the whole group or that there is still some value left at the end. This can be annoying and reduce the joy of the gift significantly.

That's why we have adjusted the amounts of our Virtual Escape vouchers according to the needs of our players. You have the choice between vouchers for a virtual reality adventure for 2-8 people - or you decide on a fixed amount of money between 25 and 50 euros.

Evidently, you have a wide choice to give away exactly what you really want to give away! Not more and not less. 

gutschein vorschau bild.PNG

Appealing design

One thing is clear: nobody wants a boring gift! And nothing that looks boring either - because the first impression counts. The gift of your choice should look good. Otherwise, the joy of the recipient is quickly reduced at sight. Vouchers in particular can sometimes look pretty bland. That is why we have made it our task to design a particularly attractive voucher.

Our Virtual Escape voucher is already impressive from the outside. But, as the saying goes, the inner values also count - that's why our voucher is visually appealing on the outside as well as on the inside. The person of your choice will be mesmerized when they open the voucher! 

Innere Hauptansicht Virtual Escape Room Gutscheine

Over 25 exciting virtual reality games to choose from!

What would a voucher be if you couldn't do much with it except redeem it for one specific thing? Correct, It would be quite monotonous. As the recipient, we are happy when the person giving the gift chooses something for us. But, we often would prefer to be able to decide for ourselves.

With the Virtual Escape vouchers, this is possible: You give away an invitation to the person of your choice and they get to choose between 25 different virtual reality games. From escaping a pyramid, to a trip into space, to scary horror games - everything is included. Thus, the receiver can redeem their voucher for the VR game of their choice according to their mood.

For every occasion

As already mentioned, there are dozens of occasions for gifts. Each occasion often requires something different. This can be quite stressful when looking for a gift, especially when we don't yet know exactly what occasion we want to surprise a person for.

That's where a gift certificate for a joint virtual reality adventure comes in handy! No matter what the weather is like or whether you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday - our vouchers are always well received.

Frau Daumen oben Virtual Escape Room Gutscheine

Suitable for everyone

Everyone has certainly experienced it: finding a suitable gift for someone is sometimes not easy. One person loves action, the other person prefers something different. Personal preferences or age can make premature gift selection quite tricky.

Even better if a gift can meet every individual challenge. Our Virtual Escape vouchers can be very helpful for this. Our VR games are suitable for people over the age of 10 (except for horror games). Furthermore, our games offer a wide range for individual preferences. Clearly, with our vouchers you will always make the right choice!

Alter Mann Virtual Escape Escape Room Gutschein

Unique experience 

Gifts should ideally be something special - something you won't forget. But how do you find something like that? Well, you've come to the right place.

A Virtual Escape Adventure is anything but ordinary: The presentee is allowed to dive into a spectacular reality of their choice together with their loved ones. Within a short time, you will forget that you are actually moving around in the premises of Virtual Escape.

So, if you want to surprise your loved ones with a very special experience - then our voucher should be the gift of your choice. 

Experience the technical revolution up close

Being able to experience virtual reality is a luxury that has not been available for long. Technical development is advancing more and more, opening up completely new worlds for us with virtual reality.

Who wouldn't want to be part of this special process? With a voucher for a VR experience, you now have the opportunity to invite a loved one to experience this technical revolution. And you'll be surprised: Even technology-avoiders will have great fun with virtual reality games, because they open up completely new possibilities for gaming.

VR Brille Mann Virtual Escape Escape Room Gutschein


Nothing is cooler than tackling and solving exciting challenges together as a team. This creates a lot of trust, appreciation and empathy. Thus, you will function even better together after this experience, whether as friends, family or companies.

Evidently, a voucher for Virtual Escape is the perfect gift, because in our VR games you have to work closely together as a team and solve tricky puzzles.

Teambuilding Virtual Escape Escape Room Gutschein
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